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Cliff Jernigan

                                                                    Day 21 of New York "Pause." Washington Heights, 4.13.20, Photo: Cliff Jernigan

                                                                                                           A Total Class Act


Every semester I greet new students and welcome them to my photojournalism class.  Some have experience with a DSLR, most have never used any camera except for the one built into their smartphone.

Students were excited to explore the theories and techniques of photojournalism and they really looked forward to the end of semester photo essay which is a culminating project.  Then in mid-March the "pause" or "stay-at-home" policy for New York was enacted and nothing was normal.  Students, like everyone else, stayed inside.  Without access to DSLRs, we returned to smartphones, used Zoom to discuss manual operation of camera phones, and deployed Pixlr (thanks, Professor Chun) to edit images.

One class project involved remote portraits via the internet.  My inspiration for this assignment came from the tremendous work of Jackie Russo ("Isolation Portraits").  Check out her work, it's outstanding.

Using iPhones, Androids, free editing software, and creativity, these concerned young photojournalists set out to bear witness, remotely, and document the personal stories of those in isolation, often many miles away.  They went after it.  Here are the remote portraits captured by the students of JRNL 041, spring 2020.  

Jules - David.jpg

Jules Battaglia

Alex - Kelly Final Pic.jpeg

Alex Whitbeck

Duran - Jo.png

Franklin Duran

Avalon 1.png

Avalon Condzella


Kiera Bussiere

Brill_ Rename Final 1.jpg

Lauren Brill


Kelly Mayberry

Ashley - share portrait one.jpg

Ashley Mendez

Fields 3a.jpg

Tyler Fields

Vansant_RemotePortrait_Sam_01 (1).jpg

Angelo Vansant

Dany .JPG

Danielle Koscik

Betty 3.jpg

Betty Araya


Ahjane Forbes

“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.”

— Paul Caponigro

           “There is one thing the photograph must contain,

                             the humanity of the moment.”

                                     -- Robert Frank

Thanks for your thoughts!

Southeast Asia Woman in thought (1).jpg

    Merchant - Saigon, Vietnam  6.20.2014   Photo: Cliff Jernigan

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